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we are all uneasy.
this is my new blog !!

i would love to follow people there (・ω・)ノ

i'm back for a minute with a link to my new blog.

long time no see! i guess i’m finally comfortable enough to share my new url, so. if you’re still following me (wow hi thanks???) and you might be interested in following me there instead of here, you’re welcome to ! i’ll be following most people back because i’m still interested in a lot of the same things. but i do post a lot more anime lol.

and with that, i’m done.
this blog has been enjoyable to have. but honestly, i’m pretty tired of it. i don’t even feel comfortable making personal posts anymore? and that sucks.
and after doing some self-evaluation, i know that i really need a fresh start. i’ve had a new blog for a little while now, and honestly i am just a lot happier being able to post things that are actually relevant to my interests (surprise), and talk to people and make jokes and actually have fun blogging.
so that’s it, i’m done here. 
figured i would let you all know.
it’s been real.

/ollies outie

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The Craft (1996)
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how fragile a moon we had ourselves this dusk
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"Those who escape hell however never talk about it and nothing much bothers them after that."
Charles Bukowski

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Antonina Vasylchenko plays in ‘Toy Story’ shot by Danil Golovkin and styled by Olga Dunina for Vogue Russia December 2012
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✂——- みなみ
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Very Pink Game